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Having trouble with the riva sponsons...

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Well, i was gonna change the position on the riva sponsons. Most of the bolts went out fine, but some just wouldn't get out. One bolt was so tight that it wouldn't come out with a screw driver. I used the drill, increasing power gradually until it was at maximum. In the end the head got stripped, and i drilled of the head, slided the sponson fin off and putting the rest of the bolt in a vice and using the backingplate as leverage to finally remove it... Be sure to use some grease or anti seize on them!

But this is my actual problem, when i was adjusting the backing plate, the rear sponson-insert on the right side, would not accept the bolt! It was the same screw that i have used in the exact same insert before... Tried to clean the bolt-threads, and lube them with wd40. I just couldn't get it in! Again i ended up with the drill at maximum power and i think i stripped the insert... It got pretty tight though Should I be fine riding like this? I have raised the sponson fins all the way up, so the force on them in corners will be minimal. I am going to replace the insert once, but will it be ok for the next couple of months?

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Because of the sponson are all the way up minimal force should be applied to them, I think you will be fine. Can you just get one at the dealer right now? Should be cheap.
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