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Hello Everyone from SD - Pictures Inside

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Hello all. Getting back into watersports. I kind of grew up on ski's; moved out and my friends convinced me to get a quad...had my fun with it for a few years till it blew up and I wanted a ski again.

Loved ski's but the price tag was not worth it for where I live, until I saw the Spark.

Anyways, was on a pretty long road trip with my quad (street legal here) when it blew up. Sat for more than a year till I finished rebuilding it for it not to start and I gave up. Went shopping for a new one and saw the Spark; had to have it.

Definitely plan to use it a lot this summer and if I need more I am already obsessed with the Vtech Tuned videos of their supercharged Spark... :D


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welcome aboard trevon, we've got a couple guys here obsessed with the Vtechs too, y'all should be great friends LOL ;)
Oops, meant turbocharged* been reading about superchargers lately haha.
so what are your thoughts? worth it to spend the money to turbo your spark?
I don't know, haven't had the chance to even ride it yet. I'll get through this season, if I move somewhere warmer I will for sure, but even turboing it would be cheaper than buying a quad, like I was planning to do when I got it in the first place.
sweet. keep us updated if you plan to do the turbo

would be awesome

i've only ever seen the videos from the manufacturer
These pictures weren't showing up before for me, now that they are...that is one killer setup, Hummer H1 to haul around your sea-doo!
Welcome back to the water!! I just traded in my Hummer for a Big Horn Ram. Needed a bed for my 2 stand ups and 2 sit downs. Now I can take 4 toys to the beach. Nice color choice BTW . I got the same one
Hello Trevon,
Have you been able to take out your Spark yet?
Yep, been on the lake twice now before this awful weather rolling through:

These were from the second time out. Most fun ski I've been on, can't wait to go back out. You east or west river?
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East river..the big city. I'll get some pic of mine on here next time i go out.
Looks like you have made a few color changes. Since the first pics. Is it a vinyl wrap or did you paint it.
I just had the seat recovered and messed with plastidip. Seems to be holding up just fine through two trips and two washes.
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Is that come in a can? I like it.

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Is that come in a can? I like it.

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Yes, it comes in a spray can kind of like spray paint only rubber like paint.
It comes in a a few different colors. But does have a custom color kit. You can get it at Lowes or Home Depot or your local hardware store.
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