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Had my Orange 2up HO Spark with iBR on order since end of March and was told they should be getting it in this week. The weather has just got much warmer around here so I'm hoping it all goes to schedule.

I see a few people from CT on here, I'm right in Middletown so I'll be frequenting the river for the most part. I have friends with boats moored out there and many launch skis during the weekends. Also my parents have a lake house, so once in a while out there.

Got into jet skis when I was younger from my parents, started with 2 1996 sea doo gtx's bought used from florida. Not the best idea with all that salt, ended up being nothing but problems. Later sold those for a 2002 gtx. thing is like a cadillac not so much a toy. That broke 3 years ago with 250 hours on it, they didn't bother fixing it or giving it to me to fix. I've been dying to get back into it and moved so close to the river. Finally the Spark was much more affordable and practical so I had to scoop it up. Haven't had much luck with these sea doo's so yes I will be getting the 4 additional year warranty!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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