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Hello From Dallas

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Hello everyone. I purchased 2 sea doo sparks a few months back for me and my 2 boys. Have had them out 4 or 5 times already kids and i love them. Last weekend i believe we had out first mishap where my son got to close to the beach and sucked up some sand/dirt/rocks and damaged the wear ring. So just picked up a wear ring from local deal hopefully they aren't to bad to change and more importantly it was the wear ring. The ski would start and run fine then hit a certain RPMS and not speed up. THe RPMS would raise but it wouldn't accelerate anymore. I had the same problem with our sea doo challenger a few years back.

This is our 1st set of jet ski's we owned the seadoo challenger and yamaha ls 2000 for boats. We currently own 2008 yamaha sx 230. Have messed up wear rings but before i pay deal 300 to change it i want to attempt it myself. Hopefully i can find some instructions or video on utube that will walk me through it..
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There is one hose to remove from pump (Clear on top) and then three bolts, pump comes off, put new wear ring on, done.
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