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Hello from Dubai!

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Hello everyone.

Just hit 7 hours on my new spark 90hp 3-up. Its my first pwc. Max speed so far is 50mph on the screen.

I decided to take the hull off today to clean the salt deposited around the engine. It took me somewhat longer than the 10 mins I thought it'd need, but I managed to get it off at the end :D - by all means let me know if you need help doing that [acting like an expert now!]

Glad to join your community, looking forward to learn new things and help with what I can.

If anyone have the service manual of the spark, i'll be more than thankful to have a copy.

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Welcome to the Spark world, I just hit 6 hours myself and the thing is a blast. Now if the water and air will warm up maybe I will fall in?
Welcome! I have a 90hp 3up as well and am at 9 hours, loving it!
That's cause you keep cutting out of work early Wake :D I gotta catch up.

Welcome aboard , site is filled with good people and great info.
Welcome to the forum!
Whats the PWC scene like in Dubai?
Any pictures of your spark?
Welcome to the forum Dubai.

For anyone with the service manual I'd be up for a copy as well ;)
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