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Hello from WNY

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Just picked up a pair of sparks from the dealer with my brother yesterday. Both Pineapple Yellow, HO, no iBr. 3 up for me and 2 up for him. Took them for a spin on our pond yesterday and can't wait to get on the lake with them. Should be a good summer ahead


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Welcome to the forum djanker ! Pics look great your right it should be an awesome summer for you and your brother. You only took a quick spin but at this early stage do you think you have a preference for the two up for the three up? Just curious with the side by side comparison that you. guys have.
Only rode the 3 up last night, started getting dark so we packed them up before switching so it'd be hard to judge. Hoping to get to swap this weekend out on the big waters and get a feel for both
congrats and welcome!

hit the lake and let us know how you feel ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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