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Help - Registration Sticker

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Hey all, I'm hoping someone on the forum has some extra material from the Sea Doo Sticker Kit that they are willing to part with. I need some to hold my state registration stickers on. I have two state stickers that are 3in x 3in each in size.
I'm willing to work something out using paypal. 0:)

Oh and btw I did pay for the Sea Doo Sticker Kit from the dealer who put on the numbers but never gave me the extra material for the registration. I contacted them and they claim it will hold without it :confused:.

Thanks in advance...
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My State Registration Stickers held with no problem.

I actually have a sticker too to use my local boat ramp as I trailer my ski, and I put this sticker onto a piece of the seadoo sticky registration number and the top sticker is in the process of sliding off the seadoo one!

I'm not sure if anything would have saved that one... Or maybe the Seadoo numbers just stick really well?

You'd probably be fine with the annual stickers, especially cause you replace them year after year
Where I am it's every 3 years for the stickers :-/
But I did find someone on another forum who is going to hook me up with some so I'll try it.
Lets hope I don't now have a my sticker is coming off my sticker issue!
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I've heard reports that the Florida stickers will not adhere directly to the Spark's hull. As a result, my registration was installed over the white backing sticker.
Only 1 registration sticker is provided in Florida so you're probably not here...

Registration is every 2 years here but until a few years ago Florida only allowed one year at a time.
Yeah I've seen some mixed things in the research I was doing for New York stickers.
Figured I'm better off using the Sea Doo kit over just putting it directly to the hull

I'll update for the NY user in case the Reg. doesn't stick to the kit stickers like seadoojay mention.
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