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Here for the wrong reasons

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Here we go , I just got a Spark after my niece and daughter totaled a spark after renting two of them and crashing into each other. The one I got is a 2014 with low hours. Its got a hole the size of a football in the front of the hull. I guess in Florida if you break it you are responsible. I had to drain some water out of the motor , intake , even muffler. I put it up on its nose , all the water drained out . Changed the oil and ran a leaf blower thru the throttle body. Sprayed the whole thing full of sea foam spray , not the lube , the real stuff. It took a minute but it started with no check engine light. Sounds real good. Anyway , how do I know if its a 60 or 90 hp ? And I'm buying a new hull soon, have any ideas beside $1700.00. I'm doing it myself so Ill be reading on .
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Let's see a pic of the damage and maybe we can give some good advise.

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Its getting dark Ill try tomorrow, its big.
Lol if it's big you may have no choice but to replace. Keep an eye out there is a guy on here selling empty sparks for a reasonable price. He uses the power train to make runabouts.

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Welcome to the forum!
I guess...?

Much of the hull can be repaired except for some sections near the rear or around the metal reinforcements that run down the sides. Mostly any area that isn't supporting any of the drive train components can be repaired. There is a repair procedure detailed in the service manual. The service manual suggests that holes larger than 6" in diameter or cracks longer than 15 1/4" in length should not be repaired. There are links to download the service manual on this site.

When it's running look at the information panel - if it has the word "Touring" in it somewhere, try the following: Hold down the red button for about 1 second, a 90HO will beep twice and display the message "Entering Sport mode..." - press the button again and it will beep once and switch to "Sport" mode.
Under the seat should be a copy of the operator's guide (or you can download it from the interwebs). On page 67 it talks about switching from "Touring" to "Sport" mode for a 90HO.
You'll also be well advised to read the procedure for properly checking the oil level. Because the Spark is a dry-sump, the process of checking the oil is different than a wet sump.
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,saw that a couple of days ago,a nd went to the Ribjet website to look . I'm going to e-mail them today. How about those Blue Jays what a story , if anybody cares.
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Thanks, it didn't come with a service manual so I'm somewhat stuck as a newbie. I'm on it , I would be really happy if I don't have to tear this thing down. Thanks for the advice, I hope I have a 90 the girls said its way to fast I want to try it !!!
They played amazing yesterday vs NY!

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Ugh, sorry to hear, nothing worse than having to buy a broken ski. Hope the guy cut you a good deal since it was used. I have also seen the guys from RIVA advertise empty hulls for sale, I think on Anyways welcome to the group.
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