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Hey from Kent Island Maryland

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Been looking at this forum for the past several days doing tons of research. I just pulled the trigger on a pair of Sparks + trailer not 40 minutes ago.

60HP, only option I got was the flush kit.

And told the wife she'll be having a Pineapple and Orange Crush on the Cheseapeak Bay this Memorial Day Weekend!! :D
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Congratulations! Welcome to the forum
New to this and know I will need a trailer but don't have one as yet, what trailer did you buy?

What a good way to celebrate the holiday! :)
New to this and know I will need a trailer but don't have one as yet, what trailer did you buy?
The Karavan 1650 double trailer galvanized.

Bit of a set back. Dealer did not have cable for the depth finder. Why seadoo sells the cable separate from the finder is a mystery. So I told the dealer don't rush and I'll pickup next week after they get the cables. I'd prefer a empty ramp my first time in the water my wife and I take them out
Googled it, looks like a good trailer.
Must be some logical reason for them selling the cable separate. At least you have it all setup right now.
get a galvanized for salt water, not just a black one, and rinse it often! Karavan makes a good one, the torsion suspension and "lifetime" bearings are what you want..seen 'em for good prices online, dealers mark 'em up a LOT so there's room to negotiate
Good tip to rinse trailer. Dealer suggested flush kit for the brackish water of the chesapeake bay. Dealer also said I could have had both this weekend but then i'd have to haul both back to the dealer 25 miles when the 2 cables and 2nd sounder arrived.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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