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Hey guys just bought 2 sparks, both the 90hp models, I new here, it's still a little cold here in Michigan most of the lakes are still frozen. Just sitting here patiently for summer do go out and have some fun. P.S these are my first skis
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Where at in Michigan? I am on Lake Tippecanoe in Northern Indiana! Bought mine last year and it was my first one as well! Have fun with them!
Thanks, I'm in southeast Michigan. There are a bunch of different lakes around Just have to pick one and go.
Congrats, Welcome aboard.

Are there any accessories and/or modifications you're already planning on getting?
I just got the convenience package for them, other then that in not sure yet.
Are there any other cool modifications for them?
there's theres a vtech tune you can do if you discover that you need more power.
not sure if you want to jump into that right away but just something to consider as you finally get it out on the water
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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