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Hi from PA

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Hi from Lancaster PA. I have a white 2up HO with convenience package. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to get out for the first time. Looking forward to being able to chat and comment on things in the forum, I have come here as a guest many times and finally joined :D
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Welcome aboard, small group right now because the skis are new and so is the site but, tons of info and help on here already. Great bunch of people.
welcome to the forum! have you owned any skii's in the past?
Welcome! Another vanilla spark has joined the crew!

Is this your first? Have any pictures?
Thanks guys for the warm welcome! I don't have any pics yet, well except one of it in the driveway but I hope to get more this weekend at the river so I will try to post some soon. I do have two other skis, XL700 and GP1200R both yamahas. This is my first Sea Doo and I am very excited! Like alot of us here I was attracted to the small size and light weight maneuverability of the spark. The XL700 will stay because it's a 3up for towing but I think the GP1200R is on it's way out. Thanks again looking for ward to being a part of this group and contributing where I can. Later!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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