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High exhaust temperature

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I'm riding lately on a canal to a lake. Takes just over 10 minutes at idle to traverse the canal. Twice lately I have gotten a High Temperature fault with buzzer while in the canal. I shut the engine off and waited a few minutes, then restarted. The check engine icon came on, the display read CHECK ENGINE then HIGH EXHAUST TEMPERATURE, then the icon shut off and all was fine. Both times there were leaves in the canal, so I suspect the water pickup got all or partially blocked, and stopping the engine and restarting cleared it. I would think that normally there should be sufficient flow even at idle to keep the exhaust temperatures under control. I am curious if others have run into anything like this.
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The inlet for the cooling comes from the pump a small plastic fitting with about 10 small holes in it to stop big stuff going through the exhaust system so it would take much to block it but as you travel it should push through.

If you ride where there's lot of crap in the water not much you can you about it just try to keep out f it.

I would could check your coolant level on the bowl first and give it a good flush the hose as hard as you can get it.

If you have a compressor you can get it ready start the ski then just give it a few quick blasts of air up from the flush it hose this can blow crap back out from where it came.
Other wise if that doesn't may have to take the pump off to have a look
Thanks. Coolant was fine when I last checked; only put on a coupe hours since then. Warning was for exhaust temp not engine. I will try a flush when I put it on the trailer next.
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