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People get confused between the selection of OEM and custom graphite parts. OEM means the original equipment manufacturers, which comes with the devices. Most people don’t prefer these parts. Let’s find out why people do not select these parts and why they choose custom parts.
Why is OEM Not Always an Option?
There are lots of reasons because ofo which people should not go for OEM parts. Let’s explore some of the drawbacks of using these original devices from the original manufacturer. Here is a list of reasons why they are not preferred.
  • OEM parts are not always readily available.
  • OEM parts can be more expensive than custom parts.
  • OEM parts can be out of stock and stop producing.
On the other hand, Custom carbon graphite parts have quick shipping and are designed according to your requirements. They are created on-demand with accurate measurements. They have higher efficiency and are never out of stock. Further, it provides quality assurance.
Another reason to buy custom carbon graphite parts is to have precise specs and ensure durability and high-quality performance.
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