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Are you concern about which dinnerware to use, bamboo or plastic? Bamboo is suitable and more reliable than plastic but is bamboo dinnerware toxic? However, bamboo is better than plastic, but bamboo melamine tableware releases poisonous substances into your food. These dishes contain melamine.
Bamboo fiber is an eco-friendly product and is BPA-free. Unfortunately, melamine is a harmful substance and has destructive physical properties which can cause toxicity to the kidney in large quantities. So, how can we avoid using this bamboo tableware? Is there any way or other alternative better than bamboo? Yes, there are other possibilities as well.
Are our bamboo fiber plates safe?
No, they are not that safe due to the presence of melamine. Here are some better choices for you than bamboo melamine dishes.
  • Glass or ceramic dishware as glass dishes don’t release harmful chemicals into your food. However, they are not safe for kids. They can be break if they fall.
  • Stainless steel dishes cannot be microwave but are durable, have excellent food serving, and are healthy for eating.
  • Enameled dishes are plastic and melamine-free, and they have a hip retro look.
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