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How do I know if my malfunction is a wear ring?

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Yesterday my new 3up Orange crush iBR suffered a setback. I have ten awesome hours on it and was shocked
When I took off to take my son for a ride and 4-6 mph was as fast as I could go!!!...granted it is a shallow lake, but I religious in shutting the motor down
In 3 ft or less....don't want
To think I ruined a new jet ski impeller or
Wear sits at Coldwater a Lake marina .....bottom line I don't know what's wrong any advise will we get will help
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Definitely wear ring. It doesn't take much . A single rock or piece of bark can crack it and you effectively dead in the water. If you learn to fix it yourself it will only cost 65 bucks or so. If you take it to the dealer it is 300. Your prop is probably fine.
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Great thanks for info!!!.... Hoping that is all that is wrong. Should hear from dealer on Monday sometime. I will definitely learn this fix myself!!....I have heard it is easy on the Spark....little scared to get too deep into a tear down to fix it myself....they are doing the handlebar recall while it is there too
Dealer called and scared me telling me the wear ring and impeller was bad....after further testing found impeller to be ok but a seal was misseated.....fixed seal and wear ring and did all recall work....255.00 out the door.....not bad I guess but more money than you want to put into a new jet ski
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This is what my 3up somehow got into the pump and ruined my wear ring .... Not sure where I picked it up. I am very diligent in keeping in 3 ft of water...none the less, 255.00 later, I put about 2.5 hrs on it this weekend and had a blast!!!

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Good stuff. Real easy to suck up some rocks no matter how careful you are
It happens, don't worry after all it is just a toy and not your every day means for tranportation. Glad it got fixed and for little money.
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