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How does PWC Racing Work?

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I've noticed that there are some people who race their Spark on the site. I was wondering if some of you could give us all a little info on how to get involved with racing and how the whole system works. It sounds like it could be cool, but its a little intimidating to get started.

I'm also wondering if you would have to make modifications to the Spark in order to compete. I don't want to come in last because my Spark is standard without any tuning.

Any and all info would be great. Thanks guys!
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Where are you located? I am the CO-Owner of region 7 ProHydro-X Tour. Im sure I can help you get started. There is only a few things you will really need to get started racing your spark. I would at least do sponsons, and a tune. Depending on your location, you will need to become a IJSBA member . I know here we host free open track days all the time just so new people can learn the ropes and the pros can practice. If that is not available in your area, you can still find out who puts on the races in your area. The beginners run separate from the people with more experience so don't worry about that. Also the beginners and first time racers are pulled aside and given instructions on how everything works. You also will have some practice sessions before the races begin. When you do finally decide to race, make sure you bring 2 people with you or buddy up with other racers that are not racing your class. You will need 2 holders on the start line with you. Here is the link to my website. Lots of information in there.

Also this is the website to the IJSBA. this is where you find all the rules.
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Is it valuable to change out sponsons for non racing use?
Is it valuable to change out sponsons for non racing use?
No. Makes it stick and corner harder.. way more fun with stock ones

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