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The LENS Surgical Imaging System is an all-in-one visualization solution that brings performance, efficiency, and value to the image. It is a combination of three products into one system: a console, camera head, and iPad® Application*. The primary function of these surgical systems is to reduce capital investment while preserving scalability for future upgrades.
Surgical imaging system manufacture has the latest and highly advanced LENS 4K Surgical Imaging System, which has the latest 4K technology and is a surgical video platform for sports, medicine, and multispecialty centers. Moreover, they are highly beneficial for arthroscopic and endoscopic procedures to increase and improve your overall investment.
Benefits of LENS 4K
  • Over 1 billion colors create vivid images, and it is four times the pixel resolution of HD. Also, have color reproduction.
  • It contains a newly designed ergonomic 4K camera head
  • It has a sensor designed to reduce artifacts and optimize resolution with the help of 4K UHD native Smith+Nephew's proprietary 3-CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor)
  • Enhanced Smith+Nephew proprietary 4K real-time image processing are created to decrease flare and improved depth of field
  • It has image management outside the sterile area and control camera functions with the LENS Tablet Application
  • It has connectivity options to support your unique workflow and has high flexible integration
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