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Tamping is essential because there is a need for a small amount of space between where the water comes out and the machine's espresso filter. If you tamp your coffee there, won't be that much space that will evenly mix the coffee. So, the tamper is essential for the perfect taste and well lending of the mixture.
Do you need a coffee tamper?
Coffee tamper manufacturers reason tamping as a necessary tool as it allows the water and coffee to extract the delicious flavor. When the tamped grounds are compressed tightly, they will mix with the water, and the grounds will extract oil from the coffee.
What makes a good coffee tamper?
It should have the right weight and right diameter.
It should be easy to tamp and not harmful for your hand if you tamp many times a day.
It should have high quality and better features.
A good tamper means lightweight metal
It should have the correct size of Portafilter.
Get a convex tamper as it is more comfortable to use and handle at home without any difficulty.
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