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Ideas for low profile custom cooler rack

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I want to build a simple low profile rack for the back of my 2up Spark. It's tough because of the steep angle on the back of the ski.

I plan on building a nice cooler stereo so I can kill 2 birds with one stone. Music for the ride without cutting into the hull, and a cooler for when I get to whatever beach/island I end up on for the day.

I've seen the racks done with PVC pipe which is an option. Only problem is, it seems like a top heavy design.

I was thinking about using fiberglass to make a base as form fitting to the back of the Spark as possible. (I'd probably use techniques similar to a custom fiberglass subwoofer enclosure.) I'd build up the side walls so that a flat piece of marine grade wood (sealed or painted) could be used as a topper.

Also trying to think of the best way to mount it. I used the rear tow hook for a test run on building a rack, but I didn't like how high up the cooler sat once I was finished. (I tried to attach some pics of the set-up I built, but it wouldn't work for some reason I'll try again later.)

Unfortunately I won't be able to work on this until spring because I am on a contract far away from home and my ski. Just thought I'd get a post out there on the forum to see if anyone else has built anything like this, or has any other ideas!
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If you know how to keep it in place while riding please pass the info I wanna get one from kws fishing cooler racks
How would you go about reboarding from the water with anything mounted to rear of the machine?
I built mine out of PVC but it's intended to hold fuel. It holds to the Spark very well even with a full 5 gallons of gasoline. You could easily modify it to work for a cooler.

Reboarding is more challenging but it is still possible if you use the PVC as a grab bar.

Here's the thread about it:
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Most of the time when I head out it's with my wife. I don't do any aggressive crazy maneuvers with her on the back. We cruise out to where we wanna hang for a while, then I take the gear off the jetski like our bags and soft sided cooler etc. So I don't ever need to reboard from the water. If I decided to take off on my own for a bit then the cooler will be off the back anyway.

Thanks peeler01 I'll check out that link. If I can build a low profile one out of PVC and it holds up well like you said, that'd be a good solution.
Peeler01, that looks like an awesome option! I didn't know you could bend the PVC like that. Looks like I could make it pretty low profile with PVC and secure it to the tow hook and design it so the whole thing is really easy to remove.

Thanks for the ideas!

P.S. How many feet of pipe did you need?
Glad to help. Making it was a bit of a challenge but the bent PVC allows a lot more flexibility (pun intended). I used about 15' of pipe, counting the mistakes.
I've since bent the rear PVC so that it goes up under the rail. This added a significant amount of stability to the setup as it stopped the tendency of the rack to slide backwards.
Unfortunately I don't have pictures that show the additional bends. If I remember I'll take some pictures this evening.
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