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Impeller for Vtech tune

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What are you running for impellers when using the Vtech tune? Stock re-pitched? Solas? Skat Trak?
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Probably best to purchase a second impeller to do some testing and tweaking vs. the stock prop. These guys will not tell 100% of you what they are doing, nor the top speed results of their tunes.
I beleive you can get away with a stocker on the basic tune from what I remember seeing on VTECHs site... but don't quote...
Vtech said it "was a lot better with the Solas." So far I've not been able to find a part number for either the Skat Trak or the Solas. Anybody know what the part numbers are?
I haven't heard of Solas releasing an impeller for the Spark yet. I know Skat-Trak has a Swirl impeller available that's supposed to work well with the V-Tech 109 hp tune. I think its a 12/14. I'll hopefully be testing one in about a month.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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