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in for new handlebars

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Took both sparks in today for new bars. Since these are the first two dealer has done he was not sure how long it would take but said he was sure they would be ready by Tuesday afternoon
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I got my call friday night. Made a weds appointment. I was told 1 hour per ski. I will hang out and wait since I live an hour from the dealer and have 2 skis.
Got call from dealer. skis are ready to go. Talking to mechanic about fix and he said that BRP sent out a video on how to repair bars and the shop rate to replace them was 1.5 HR
The labor on my invoice was .7 for the bars. That is awesome you guys are getting quick turnarounds. My dealer is really slow and incompetent. It took them almost a week. Mine was already there for it's second set of broken bars. They try to give it back to me with the fuel gauge inop and throttle misadjusted. Same issues I had after the first bar replacement. They just threw a fuel sender in it and tried to let me take it without it working. The most annoying thing is the throttle if you have IBR. It keeps it from staying in neutral, but not enough to rev engine. I doubt you will have my issues if your dealer is worth a ****.
My dealer is great. I had a over heating problem in the first hour. Figured out I was losing coolant. Took it back to dealer. They thought it was a loose hose connection but when they pressure tested it it still lost coolant. so rather than having me wait while they took it apart and figured out what was going on he pulled a mate to mine out of stock and gave it to me. (I think it was one he was getting set up for his daughter so she got my old one after it was fixed)
My dealer got 6 recall kits in and luckily I am getting one of them tomorrow. They said it takes 30-45 minutes to do and I might now even have to take it out of the water as they said it might be possible to do on my EZ Port.
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