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Installing a convenience package yourself

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I wanted to share my experience with installing a convenience package on a Spark as i had just finished doing so
Its a breeze to do so ill outline the steps here quickly

Things youll need
-front bin and lid kit with hardware
-Boarding step (fold down)
-Drill with a 5mm or 7/32 bit
-alan wrench set
-about 30 minutes of time

To begin (Front storage bin)
1. BRP has marked out 4 holes in the front of the sparks access exo desighn with a divit
those are the drilling points. slowly with minimal pressure drill all for points with a 5.5 mm bit or 7/32.
2. install the front bin FIRST as the matereial provides the gasket to prevent water from enering the drilled holes.
3. Install the female peice that the front deflector lid attaches too in the front and use the m6 30torx screws provided to tighten down over the bins pre cut holes creating a tight seal.
4. Place the front lid deflectors strap "bases" (small peices that the lid straps attach to) on the exo skel desighn arms (theres a cut out on the inside to alighn them) then drill the hole in the base where it lines up.
5. Then just clip in the front deflector to the femal piece and your done with the front.

To begin rear boarding step
1. fold the step down and insert the bases feet up into the pre fabbed slot on the sparks hull.
2. with the step folded upward in place push in the provided screws in the BOTTEM holes and screw them in.
i cant get torque specs as i threw out the instructions but its just tight enough to not be able to turn the allen key with ease

SUPER easy and quick to do
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You forgot to add that you need to put black silicone in the screw holes on the rear step before you put them in...
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Save the money from dealer installs as I picked up an oem kit on ebay for 180
Dealer gets it as a 200 or 300 dollar add on and charges for install on top of that!

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Ah yes it says lock tight so that's what I used thanks

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I had this how-to open while putting in the storage bin and it took like 10 min. Very helpful! Thank you
No prob did you get a rear boarding step to?
One comment on the first post. The screws have TORX heads so you actually need a Torx wrench for the job. Allens will work but you could strip it. Just a note.

My dealer offered me the package and I declined and told him I just wanted the front step.

He said ok but when he brought out the boxes for the two bins he informed me that the instructions say a certified tech should install. True. The BRP instructions page does say that. I told him I know how to use a drill etc but he would not let me take the bins until he talked with the dealership owner.

In the end I took home the bins myself. Longest part of the whole job was bringing out my tools and putting them away. the actual job was a joke. The dealership shoulda paid me $100 to install them.
No an Allen will fit without stripping if you take your time you'll be fine with an Allen key the right size
And key word is "should" lol
Dealer said it should be because it could be a safety issue...because it could fly out and hit you in the face I guess.

My wife thought the bins were sealed from water. Still handy to have for lines/beach anchor etc. Bought a 10L dry bag for towels/lunch.
Yes, be very attentive to the installation of these.
It Is easy however, if you are not mechanically inclined enough to use the required tools for use on a required oem part by a certified tech then you should not attempt the installation of these parts.

My bin doesnt feel like it could come out at all.. but I understand the dealer saying that due to some liability reasons and saving you the investigation of a warranty claim which may lead to a denial or void due to wrongfull installation from either puting a non oem part on or installing it incorrectly
Either way I wanted to let ppl know it wasnt hard to do for a diy to save some cash!
Dry bags are nice I need something better then a Ziploc

it was the liability factor as the dealer explained to me. The instructions were not your typical retail install instructions either. So after being asked how well I can use a drill and did I have the proper torx wrenches and asking me if I had ANY questions at all and at any time I could bring the bins back should I get stuck...they let me take the bins home.

I can understand the dealer's point of view. Some people are not mech inclined and drilling into the body of a new Sea Doo is not everyone's cup of tea nor do they have tools to do so.

Have to do have one shot to get the hole right. Your hole is off equals big whoops oh no CRAP!
Followed the directions you posted for the front bin and done in less than 10min. Thanks for the help!

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exactly! too many times someone reads something or sees something on the internet or else where and thinks they are pros! ends up screwing it up and blames someone else because they weren't good enough instructions! if you don't feel comfortable doing it then you likely shouldn't! but I guess there's no way of knowing unless you try! lol

pretty easy to do! surprising how much you can actually fit! I have the 10L dry bag and works great, I throw a towel in the bottom, my wallet, keys, couple of water bottles, some snacks, suntan lotion, spare riding glasses and still have lots of room in the bag, then in the bin with the bag I carry two ropes, sand bag anchor, two pairs of sandals, and I still have room to spare!
I'm a visual guy, so I took some photos of my install yesterday. Here are the steps I took (2 posts due to the number of photos). Disclaimer: I'm not a pro and not advocating anyone do this themselves. Proceed at your own risk. This is just to document what I did.


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Would anyone happen to know the size of the Step Screws ?
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