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Here is my advice to all of you...

- Get full comprehensive coverage with a $100 deductible (most cost effective)
- Do NOT go through homeowners or renters insurance
- Get new boat replacement coverage added on (covers with enough money to replace the entire vessel of the same model year, up to 120% of the total value. Only applied if you purchased your Spark NEW)
- Make sure you get the uninsured boater coverage!!!
- Do NOT state that you have upgraded the Spark in ANY way (they won't cover the addons and gives them a reason to deny any claim, including a full replacement)

Also make sure you have theft and damage protection. Last thing you need it to puncture the hull from floating debris and sink, and then have to eat the cost of an $1,800 hull plus labor to swap it.

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Best Insurance Is NO Insurance? Be aware of your surroundings and do not ride in groups of people who are Texting each other or otherwise distracted?
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