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Hello All,

I've recently bought 2019 Spark Trixx with 30h total.
Yesterday the weather was nice enough to have a first go.
Oil is there as is the cooling liquid.
It was going strong for an hour, half of it going full WOT.

We made a stop after which I jumped some small waves (mostly wakes of other sparks).
Going further I started getting Check Engines with beeps that limited me to 6000RPM and around 50kmh or 31mph.
It would disappear on it's own or always when I lifted the gas quickly.
We still had to go back and there weren't any other severe symptoms (other than maybe a little rougher idle?) so I continued with reduced ppower.

The issue got worse as Check Engine persisted for longer each time.
I found out that if I went at the max available speed and turned slightly right for a period (as long as river bed allowed) the issue went away and I had full power until I went straight again.

Once when idle it just died for no reason.
Battery leads seem to be connected well.

Any tips on what could be the reason?
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