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Hey All,

Just wanted to introduce myself. Just purchased two 90's 2 Up's one for myself and wife. Black and Pink of course. I have to say I'm highly impressed with the Spark. I grew up riding Ski's at my family's home my parents had them when we were kids but I have never been an "enthusiast" so I'm a new consumer to the market and I SO far I love them. I do have some questions and concerns.

My Ski I have about 7 hours on it already after a 5 day get away and my wife's has around 3. I notice a few things that have me worried after one weekend. When tying to the dock I noticed some instant wear and tear on the plastic. Any advice on protecting these things? We tie them to the front and we have small scratching. I was thinking of taking some black electrical tape to put it around the rope so it doesn't scratch. I have looked at the deck ties and they seem to be a decent idea. Also my white seat is fading fast.. I wear black shorts and I'm a big guy ( big as in fat) I'm 5'9 230 and not sure if I'm just wearing the seat hard. I keep them covered while at home so no sun or elements hit it.

Lastly, any advice on cleaning it? I sprayed it off at home but I still have some marks and stuff? Should I be putting some chemical protection on them?

So far I get a lot of " wow" that's a good looking toy and I have to say they're FUN. Even if they aren't the "fastest" on the lake I hit 51 NP and that's fast enough for me. I look forward to engaging with everyone here and truthfully learning more about how to properly take care of my ski's.
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Welcome to the forum!
Congratulations on the Sparks.

Sea Doo sells two different solutions to your docking problems. I can't verify how well they work because I just use pool noodles when I have them at a dock. They offer snap-in fenders:

And side protectors

As far as cleaning goes, I just wash my Spark with soap and water.

I'm 5'11", 185lbs and have 24 hours on my Spark. The seat looks just like it did when brand new. I would consider taking your worn seat to the dealer and see if they will replace it under warranty. You wouldn't happen to have pictures of the worn seat that you can post?
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Peeler01 I currently am at work but I will once I get a chance. It's not to bad but you can see that it's Fading in color. However it just might be wear-in because my wives doesn't look like mine and she also hasn't rode hers as much.
SC1 Clear coat works well. Wash it with soap and water and then wipe it down with the clear coat and it looks brand new.
Where on the Spark are the slight scratches?

I trailer my Spark and use it in the Gulf of Mexico. I have to focus on tides, wind and boat wakes around the docks. I bought the Snap-in Fenders (which are kinda small) and they are helpful, but it depends on the dock plank height vs the tide and the waves. I heard that the side protectors fall off and sink.

Pool noodles rule! I use them for my tie-down strap and I made some as mini fenders. I cut 3 6" pieces, stack them (mini pyramid) and tied them together. I did it twice. Then I ran a rope through them. I float them in the water between the Snap-in Fenders. This always worked until today. I didn't have the rope tight enough and the Spark rotated just enough for the rear black plastic bumper to kiss the dock while I was getting the car. I'll have to dream up a pool noodle solution for that event. I was thinking about painting the corners white so the scratches don't show up. Kinda wish the corners were rubber. Maybe there is a way to glue a strip of rubber to the rear corner bumpers?

Anyway, lots of people in this forum have a lot of good ideas.
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