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Nowadays, polycotton printed bedsheets are being used in many commercial settings. These Polycotton sheets are highly durable because of its unique combination as it contains polyester which has a similar function as plastic. It makes it durable and sustainable and makes it challenging to tear easily. It is mainly used in hospitals and hotels and is changed regularly.
Are our polycotton sheets good?
Polyester contains synthetic material, which makes it more durable than cotton. On the other hand, cotton is composed of natural fiber, which is broken down quickly if it is regularly washed, whereas polyester bedsheets may withstand frequent washing better. Polyester sheets are durable and lightweight and turn out a good bedding option.
Is polycotton suitable for bedding?
Let's determine whether polycotton is good or not by looking at the advantages and drawbacks of these bedsheets.
Advantages of Polyester Bedsheets
  • Polyester fabric is highly durable.
  • Sheets are wrinkle-resistant and do not shrink with age.
  • These are affordable.
  • Easy to launder and dry.
  • The fabric is lightweight and soft.
Disadvantages of Polyester Bedsheets
  • Not much breathable and moisture-wicking
  • The sheets become rougher with age
  • More prone to pilling and static
  • not suitable for sensitive skin.
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