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Is this the correct kit for vtech tuning a Seadoo Spark?

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Today I received my package from where I ordered the "Maptuner Hardware box", the "BRP cable" and the "Spark License". I have seen a couple of photos of what the BRP cable looks like and I don't think I've got the right one(?). Here's a photo of everything I got in the box.

Is this everything I need? I did not get a single instruction on how to use it, where to use what or even where to look to learn how to use it. Seems pretty stupid. Do they think every single person knows how to do this?

Anyway, my question is. Is this even the right cable? Where is my "license" (not any kind of code or something)? How do I know where to connect the cable? I would have called them but they have just closed for today so I might as well just ask here and probably get better reponse. And I won't be able to test on my spark before tomorrow since it is located an hour away from where I live.

I am a little confused at the moment.

Any help is appreciated!


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That's the kit. You need to log onto there website . follow the links down load some stuff. Your license is not something you can see. Its a virtual license I guess. They are very helpful at VTECH just email them or go to GREENHULK plenty of info there.
Looks like they sent u the wrong cable.
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