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Kissimmee, Fla USA

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Picked up my 3up spark HO Orange last week. reminds me of riding the older x4 skis. there is a noticeable difference between the touring and sport mode.cant wait to get it broke in to see how much fun i will have :D:D:D
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welcome aboard, I'm new here as well!

Like the X4's you say? those were my first experience way back in the 80's, used to spend summers in Muskoka bar tending, we had a fleet of em up at the lodge:D

#memories ;)
I started riding with the 93 xp with the x-4 hull. can slide these on turns like the old x-4s in sport mode you can jump the ski right out of the water on takeoff should be lots of fun in the ocean, havent been there with this ski yet
Welcoem to the forum Starkeeper1a2b!

Where do you set your spark free?
Starkeeper1a2b i am out in Clermont and was wondering where you bought your spark from? i am looking to pick one up this weekend. if you dont mind me asking what kind of extra fees did you have to pay beyond the MSRP?
I bought mine from Seminole Powersports. had to pay all the stupid fees, freight, setup, etc. i like the ski. will be having a ski party in clermont on the 5th of june with Orlando Watercraft Riders off of lake minnie ha ha .
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