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So.......I ride at night......Any one installed lights yet? LEDs? Thinking on the same I use on my street bikes.
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Is it legal to ride at night where you are? It isn't in arkansas
It's not legal in Georgia either.
I've looked and unfortunately I could not find any exemption for installing lights either.
in MN you can only ride a ski between 9:30am and one hour before sunset
Is it legal to ride at night where you are located
Not sure if the local Police force has a "second shift" on the waterways. Best advice is probably to Check your local laws and always use a backlit GPS if you must do anything on the water in a dark enviroment.
Things go "Bump?" in the dark?
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There are states where it is legal. Owning a pontoon, I can tell you headlights are almost useless. My boat has docking lights which are basically car headlights and its only good for reflective tape or paint. You might not see logs or branches sticking up. Usually, even on the pontoon with limited top speed, I still reduce speed at night.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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