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Just had our 3-up 90hp spark out for a long weekend. This thing is amazingly fun to drive. I was riding it hard for two of the days following my friends boat who purposely trimmed it way to high to make a huge wake. I was endlessly getting 2 foot air of the wake and spinning 180's on a dime. I love how maneuverable this ski is. The third day we just did some easy riding on the St.Lawrence with my wife on the back. I still find it unstable but now that I have dumped my wife a few times she has got more comfortable realizing its not that bad and its remarkable how stable it has gotten since.

Considering how hard I was riding it the first two days it held together no issues. Steering has no cracks even though I was holding on for dear life on some of the 180's lol. Hull hit a couple of waves a little hard that made me cringe but on close inspection everything still looks like the day I got it.
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