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Looking at Sparks

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Hey all. I am looking at getting a 2up for myself and a 3up for the wife, both 900HO. I have never owned a PWC but have rented them in the past. Been a snowmobiler and want a summer equivalent now. I have been reading about peoples experiences and they seem favourable to the spark.

One thing I have noticed being a common thread is the wear ring. People want to change the plastic one out for a Stainless one and the by doing so may risk more damage to the impeller. What do the full size PWC use? Is it plastic also or Stainless? Also, are the impellers and driveshaft more durable on the full-size then the sparks?

I really like some of the graphic kits. Are these dealer installed or user installed? How durable are they?

Can hardly wait for the boat show coming Feb/2016. Going to be really hard not to put a deposit down for them.
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