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Lost the front storage bin lid...

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While doing the most awesome jump ever I lost the lid... The most probable cause was that I had missed to tie it down (at least on one side) and having the fenders inside.

Can I replace just the lid or do I need to buy a whole new kit?

Is the deflector kit just a lid?

Please advise.
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Check this place out. Call them if you can't find the part. They are very helpful.
Been there, done that. You can get just the lid. I forgot to latch it and did a 180. Next thing I knew it was at the bottom of the river. It comes with the hinge.

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It holds fine, as long as you do up the straps. Lol

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Lost just the lid as well, can not seem to find anyone selling the lid seperately.
Called SeaDoo as well as the Seadoopartsnation site linked above. Neither sell just the lid, only as a kit.
Does anyone have any other options?
Appreciate the help
The deflector kit is just the lid. The storage kit is the deflector with the storage box.
I bought just the lid from the dealer when I lost mine.

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Word of caution about the lid!!!

Just writing to let everyone know about a hazard that you may want to investigate on your own machine concerning a "lost lid" based on my own experience this past weekend. I could've lost my own personal "lid"(aka head) when the utility cover/lid came straight off at the hinges and hit me in the face. The rubber latches didn't stop it from flying at me.

I'm so lucky I didn't lose an eye, break my nose or any teeth in the process. (No stitches, skin adhesive used to get it all back in place). I've included a picture to show you what I looked like in Emerg this past Saturday afternoon. Got my bell rung for sure.

As far as I can assess, all it took was a very strong gust of wind while going at a speed of ~65 km/hr (about 40 miles/hr) to pop the lid right up from the plastic hinges into my face. My 2015 spark is only
21 hrs in use total and, on inspection, there is no reason to suspect that my hinges are damaged etc.

In order to stop this from happening again, we have devised a method to attach the lid to keep it in place. First, we used nylon rope to secure the lid to the body through a small drill hole in the plastic underneath the lid, located right near the hinges. The nylon rope is fastened into the seadoo with two screws used to support the utility bucket. Pictures attached.

Although I think this first bit is a good "fail safe"... so as to add extra certainty, secondly, we've installed two 3M/Scotch industrial strength velcro patches to keep it tight. These aren't regular velcro squares, so they can function when wet/hot temperatures, etc.

Please take a moment to look at your own machine's lid. This has been brutal to go through and I'm very lucky nothing worse happened while out on the water. I'm going to be writing to Bombardier to advise about my experience as well.

>>See the pictures in Post #12 below<<
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Yes I have lost my lid to but so expensive to by another have to by the whole kit
I use a Velcro strap to add extra holding power
I made a replacement lid for less than $20

Also drill and zip clip around the plastic hinge stops it leaving the ski

And the wife never noticed it haha

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Pictures to go with Post #10 above

Kk... i think this will let me get the pics up further to my post in #10 above...

Emergency Room Snap

Nylon Rope

Nylon Rope Close Up

Velcro Addition
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Ok you talked me into doing this mod.
Glad it did not hit your eye.
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