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LUV MY Spark!

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Hi..i am a mIddle aged mama :x with - two 3 UPS, 1 Bubblegum, it's "bubbalicious" of course, and my honey has the Orange Crush....we love them. Had problems with seadoo decal and the spring on the step. Otherwise they run great..hubby and I drag race in sport mode...I'm feeling like a "Force" this forum...lots of good information..
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Thats great! :) Yeah, i'm happy with mine too!

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That's great to hear another happy owner, just hit 18hrs on mine and lovin it
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Iam an old school skier from the early 90s and have owned many , many ,many Seadoos and the Spark is my favourite by far !!!

Well done Mr Doo ...
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Welcome to the family SPAHK LOVAH! Its the right time to take a break from the kids Im guessing. Let the spark take you to freedom :)
welcome to the forum, glad to hear you love your spark, lets seem some pictures of those 3 up's!
welcome Spahk. about time another female hit the boards :) i feel like the only one. now with racing the husband are their prizes for the winner? like looser makes dinner? :)
As soon as I figure out how to upload pics....hmm.. Maybe my teen can do it.. No bets... We just go out to eat...we all win....I know he let's me win...:cool:
My daughter is 14.. I was her passenger recently..omg thought I was gonna fly off...I don't like being the passenger. :eek:
ya i don't like being the passenger either. :) I'm kinda scared that 14 is the legal jetski driving age lol. I found a couple spots near me where you can dock a jetski, park and eat/drink. Excited!!
Scorpoion - Indeed its one of them :) Also Monty's South Beach which has a pool too :) The marina charges a $20 deposit though but gives you your money back after you show a receipt from the restaurant. (2 hr parking ) Emailed back to see if I can fuel up a jetski there if im not a member of the marina. They said yes but its $10 a gallon if you buy less than 15 gallons. I'd need to fuel up / top off about 3 sparks at once to hit that . I contacted 15th Street Fisheries that you told me about and they said they offer free parking for skis/boats and a dock guy to help you dock. Nice! I bought a thin chain and 2 tiny locks for docking a these places. Anyone could cut it if they wanted to but i feel its better than just a rope.

SPAHK - where do you live? can you park at any restaurants near where you ride? :) i think im overly excited about the concept :)
Yeah..we go out early just us..she does good...was riding a 50 4 wheeler when she was 4.. But...still scary.i get is like she's doing great...
where in South Florida is the place your talkin bout? We r in Orlando maybe we will take a weekend trip down...u have bumpers to dock?
:) Miami :) there is someone on the boards here looking to come down from Gainseville, FL to play too. I think it would be easier to plan long trips if it wasn't so weather dependent.

No bumpers yet. I'm doing a trial and error bumper run with DIY stuff first and if it doesn't work then I'll buy something. I'm not interested in paying like $90 for the ones made for the Spark.

seaking - is all about the pictures lol. don't worry. as soon as i get some good ones you will be the first to see :)
I am in the Orlando area also. live in Kissimmee but go to other lakes also have a Orange Crush 3up and an Older Seadoo to play on. any time you would like to get together and ride hit me up
Make an Orlando area meet up thread in the meet up section guys :)
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