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Mod List/Order

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What performance Mods are you doing and in what order?

I am Vtech tuning my 60Hp this week.

The next order I do (next month), Will probably be the following parts at once

Solas 12/17 Impeller for Spark Watercraft
RIVA Free Flow Exhaust Kit for Sea Doo Spark (Dont want to cut hole in hull)
R&D Spark Power Filter Kit (need info if this stays in hull, or exits where steering cable is )

R&D Spark Intake Grate
R&D Pump Shoe Seal Kit for use with R&D Spark Intake Grate

Right around 1K for the parts.
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I've done
1:Riva free flow exhaust kit (Loving it)
2:Riva Stainelss Wear ring

Next week I will be picking up the Solas Impeller
I want to see a video of the free flow exhaust.
I want to see a video of the free flow exhaust.
It's coming this weekend! Also my buddy has the solas installed on his so I will also be doing a video of his vs mine or ideally his vs another stock one that is supposed to be going out with us.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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