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We found a wonderful dealer closer to where we ride and hubby took our Sparks there Saturday.

Typed in our VIN number and found as I predicted, by the way, there are more recalls on both our jet skis.

Thank goodness we found this dealer. The one recall is very serious, to me more so than the steering. A harness in the engine is faulty and could start a fire.

Hubby's was also recalled for a flap that can come loose while riding.

Thankfully this dealer will take care of all in 2-3 weeks.

Something we were told I am not happy about and you should all know, Sea Doo is only allowing each dealer to get THREE steering parts for the recall which means if we had not taken them when we did, we may have been done for the summer!!!!

Why would the company voluntarily recall the Sparks then stop Dealers from servicing ALL of their customers????

Anyone have any ideas why they would allow dangerous PWC out there and stop dealers from fixing them in a timely manner?

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This is not a recall or a serious issue. Go here, and it lists all seadoo recall notices:

There is exactly 1 recall notice for the spark.

There is a service bulletin for the wiring harness, but it is not a big deal of an issue, and is written about on this forum and solutions posted on green hulk. Anyone capable of riding the spark is capable of addressing this issue themselves for under $1 and 15 minutes of time.

Read the thread here, especially the link in the second post:

And for those too lazy to read through the whole post at green hulk, here are the instructions with pics:
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