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More storage space

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More storage space

The under seat area is good but with the moulding for the fire extinguisher made use of this area not so big.
See photos the small cross plastic moulding cut out with heavy duty side cutters and the just file sand or use a dremial to finish off.

Lets store more longer items like flares and V sheet safety


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Its storage space, but its really not that big. You've managed to fit a lot of stuff in there though.
Aren't you required to carry a Fire Extinguisher?
Not in Ontario. If you wear a life jacket in Ontario a fire extinguisher is not required. If you don't wear a life jacket and just have it on board a fire extinguisher is required. I always wear my life jacket so I never bothered with a fire extinguisher.
In Australia you are not required to carry a fire extinguisher, but 4 flares and a safety V sheet to be legal and a life jacket.

It is easy to get at and doesn't get knocked about with the padding.

I had to cut the handle of the flares to fit in before and was still a tight fit after seeing the under seat inspection mod gave me an idea, to cut it out as it adds no structural strength to the hull and I am almost out of warranty and can't been seen
I can't understand why u need a fire extinguisher .. You have water all round u , just tip it over ...
I can't understand why u need a fire extinguisher .. You have water all round u , just tip it over ...
I totally agree! Not to mention if my ski is on fire, I'm not going to lift off the seat to get the fire extinguisher, I'm getting off and getting as far away as possible.
You use the fire extinguisher, in my mind, only to aid others.

If my PWC is on fire, swimming away is my plan. Fortunately, I have the safety gear of having a second spark, and never go out alone.
Never going out alone is one thing i'd put on the top of my priority list.
Never going out alone is one thing i'd put on the top of my priority list.
x2 amen to that.
I also thought of cutting those bits out under the seat to fit in flares
but as my spark is only a few weeks old thought I would find some other way
to store my flares.

So i bought a sea doo safety kit, and used a hack saw to cut off about 10mm off
the bottom of the container. Then I glued a piece of 90mm pvc pipe in to make the container longer.
Now my flares and v sheet fit in the waterproof safety kit and it still fits in its holder in the ski.

The torch, whistle, rope and buoy that come with the safety kit all fit under the seat.


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Hi, in France if you go no longer than 2 miles, you're not obliged to have an extinguisher, but since 2015 some news laws for increase the safety about PWC change the number of security item, now with evolution on PWC(power/tank capacity/four stroke) with the first boat driving license(Cotier/Shored) you should go to 6 miles, but you need = 1 extinguisher/1 light on each life-vest/1 compas and card--may be electronic), but like the other Spark rider, in case of you must escape our jet fired...
Here you are not required to carry a fire extinguisher as long as your wearing a life jacket.

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I'd rather not go out alone but not a lot of people around here for me to go with. But there are always camps right near the shore and the lakes aren't so gigantic, you can easily see from shore to shore.
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