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Mothers Day Trip

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We had a great day on the lake today with the new Sparks. The break in period is complete so it was time to see what the skis would do. I was very impressed with the 2up HO with IBR. Sport mode was great.


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Looking good! They make for such a fun day on the water.
I put 5 hours on mine as the manual suggested but I'm still going to hold back some until I get 10 hours on them.
Nice! Quick question....How much spray did you encounter? My closest Lake is Lake Ontario and its pretty **** cold. I'm hoping a wetsuit will get me out there in early June...
I have 2 90hp H.O. 2 ups. I ran the crap out of mine to break it in and my wife rode hers in what I call"granny mode". We swapped out and I rode hers and it felt sluggish compared to mine. She rode mine and said it had so much more power than hers. You could easily feel the power differences. I started throwing hers around like I had mine and finally broke hers in to where they are pretty matched on power. I love these skis. I also have a Big 98 GTX Limited 3 seater and love the towing power I get from it. I was wondering if anyone has attempted to pull a tube or skier behind the 2ups? I have not attempted this and I know the manual says that you should only pull with the 3up, but I towed a bigger jet ski back to shore with my spark and had no issues with it and barely felt that the jet ski was even back there. As for NetAtNite's question - I was only getting spray when riding crosswind or while throwing it around.

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