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I bought a brand new, 2018 Sea Doo Spark, 2up, 90hp iBR to use at my lake home May thru September along with a PortaDock PWC lift to park it next to my dock. When I bought my new 2018 Spark in May of 2018, I also bought an extended warranty which was supposed*** to cover me from engine repair costs for 24 months (instead of just 12 months) with a $50 deductible. Hmmm.

I have had a certified auto and marine technician do oil and filter changes every spring and run anti freeze thru the system in the fall and store it inside.

Now we get to last month (May, 2020). A family member of mine capsized my Spark after paralleling some big waves from a wave boat and it partially hydro locked (no outward indication of a major issue other than the water supply hose disconnecting). After about 20 hours of use later... it blew a rod! The lead BRP technician at the BRP dealer that I bought my 2018 Spark from is balking at replacing the engine under my extended warranty and acts like I am asking him to give up his first born to even try to pursue it with them. :/

I also have the best PWC insurance that Foremost/Farmer Insurance offers. I have a feeling both Foremost/Farmers and BRP are going to point the finger at each other on this one. Anyone else in the same situation? I had no idea that the engineering on these PWCs was so lackluster... I REGRET buying now.

Oh... now for the best part. The cost of replacing my cracked engine? $7300! That’s more than I paid for it!!! And as far as getting a new 2020 Sea Doo Spark to replace my totaled 2018 Spark... no inventory will be available until September!

If Foremost/Farmers cover my claim... I am pretty sure I am going to just buy a used Yamaha and call it good. I am rating the engineering on the Sea Doo Spark as “Mickey Mouse” at best.
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