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My anchor choice

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Posting here for others that might be looking for the same info I was. We use our 3-up HO ski right in front of our lake front cottage on Lake Erie, and we wanted to be able to moor it there during the day when taking a break or eating lunch. I read about anchor bags, and a lot of other options but just didn't feel comfortable with what I found until I came across the Cooper anchor. I ordered one, put a 5' anchor chain on it, 20' of line, a bouy, and clasp/hook for connecting to the ski. We moor it in sandy bottom in about 4' of water. We have used the anchor 4 days (off and on) and left it in place overnight twice. In all instances it performed flawlessly. One of the nicest things about it is the lack of weight and better performance. I do not work for them nor do I get any compensation. Just sharing what I have found that works for me. Nylon Cooper Anchor - Cooper Anchors for jetskis, Kayaks, boats
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Thanks for just saved me some searching! I will be dropping this in Sherkston later this summer :)
I use the cooper anchor as well. I use it on the rear of the ski when going to the island.

I also anchor the front of the ski to the beach using

Jet Ski Anchor--The SANDSHARK JR

And use a bunge line with the cooper anchor from rear
GREENFIELD PRODUCTS Anchor Buddy Mooring Line | West Marine
Agree Cooper anchor is a great choice I use one too. I also have found that a drift sock clipped on the tow loop in the back with about 5 feet of line and the front of the ski tied to dock also with about 5 feet of line does a great job of keeping the ski away from the dock and banging the dock when rocked by wakes from passing boats. I ride in a river so I have the current to pull and also use a friends private dock so it might not work in all situations for everyone but if your able it seems to be the ticket considering the spark and docks aren't the best of friends.
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