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Hi all,☺

Sorry everyone but I'm new to this type of jetsking as for the past twenty odd years i've had to stand up, my first ski being a kawasaki 550? back in 1993 which only lasted a year as another ski hit me from the side @ 43mph putting a great big hole in the side ??, then came a kawasaki 750 which was great fun that lasted for several years. Then on from that i went and purchased a new yamaha superjet in black and red/silver livery, which i think is one of the best colour schemes back in 2004. I've still got her but i'm getting older now and my three young boys are to small to ride it , so daddy came up with a plan !!!!! Lets get a Sea-Doo Spark so all the family can use it... So the spark is a 2015 90bhp in yellow and only three days old and now having 33 mins on the clock and already i'm looking @ mods!!!! So can anyone suggest what to go for first.....? Thanks..??
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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