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Hey everyone!

New guy from the mitten state here. My story starts a few years ago when I picked up a 90s Tigershark. Played with that for a while then wanted something bigger. I picked up a 2014 Yamaha VXR last year and was spoiled with not having to repair the VXR (like the tigershark) every time I took it out. At this point I knew I wanted to sell the Tigershark and get another new PWC. I was on the fence between the Yamaha V1 and the Spark. I did like the thought of matching brands and what not, but I also liked the idea of a PWC that more mimicked the ride and handling of my now sold Tigershark. I made the decision and now have a 2015 Yellow 3up HO IBR Spark!

Looking forward to our riding season!

Brian from the D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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