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New orange crush 90hp

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Just picked up my 2015 Orange 90 spark Base, got it for $300 off msrp, $5500.
I've got 1 hour on it so far the break in riding is a bit Boring with burst of fun..
Does everyone else run 91 or higher octane?
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Congratulations on the Spark!

I run 87 in mine with no issues. Keep in mind that I'm in the US which measures octane differently than most other countries.
He lives in Colorado which was in the US the last time I checked. :p

I think the 87 octane will do you fine.

Break in will take a little bit but its fun to just be out on the water anyway.

Welcome to the forum!
I only use 91.
I only put what is recommended. 87

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I only put what is recommended as well. 87 octane

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