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From my intro...FYI...

In shopping for a Spark, dealers have been consistent in telling me: interest IS high, supply is limited and the H.O. with IBR seems to be most popular. There is a limit on the number of machines they can get from Sea Doo.

So, the best deal I could get locally without traveling far and wide or spending hours calling/emailing dealers was: Getting a machine for only $99 off MSRP ($4900) and a new trailer discounted ($800 the MSRP is unknown). Plus TTL. Then, got the dealer to reduce the "freight/prep" pack from $795 that this dealer has placed on all Sparks (WOW! - guess it's cause of the reduced markup on a low cost machine) to $495 that they charge otherwise on all vehicles they sell. Also: 10% off ALL accessories and $20 off labor to install all of 'em ($90 vice $110/hr). Lastly, got the "valued customer card" that all accessories I am ordering (several includes: the manual reverse, a spare trailer tire/wheel, fender protectors, the convenience package, spare key, yada, etc.,) will count towards credits for 10% off of future purchases. So its seems deals on the Spark will be hard to negotiate with limited availability, demand and low cost. I'm used to buying cars at invoice and under

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