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New Spark owner from Georgia.

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The wife and I picked up two new sparks this summer.
One is heading to the dealer today to look at. Looking for info is what brought me to this forum.

So Hello everyone!
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good to see you got the wife involved too!

what is the one of them being sent to the dealer for?
On the bubble gum, the check engine warning has come on twice, then limp mode. It's under 6 hours still.
She also trashed the wear ring. I was thinking I would have the dealer change it the first time, so it would be on their records (for the warranty).
I've been reading other posts about changing it myself.
You what though just to be on the safe side I would haul it back to the dealer and have them do the work. Hope everything turns out well for you guys. welcome
Too bad you have to go to the dealership again so soon after you bought them. Hopefully all your problems get fixed. Looks like your family will have a lot of fun with them.

Have you bought any accessories for them?

And welcome to the forum!
Have not bought any accessories yet. They were both sold 3up with convenience package already installed.
Nothing has really caught my eye yet.
I bought the second in Alabama since Georgia was out of stock. :)
They seem to be flying off the lots.

Thanks for the welcome.
Welcome what part of ga are you from?
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Hi Xtreme, I'm up near Gainesville. We spend our water time on the north end of lanier.
Oh cool little to high up for me I'm around the blackshear area
Welcome to the forum. We are from central Ga. And ride Lakes Blackshear, Tobosofkee and Sinclair. Hope you enjoy the Sparks as much as me and the wife have ours.
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bet you glad you got the manual now;)
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bet you glad you got the manual now;)
Yup, that's why I got it. :)
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