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New spark owner from Michigan

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Hello All. I just picked up my spark last weekend from a local dealer here in Michigan Us27 Motorsports. I Just got the base model because I planned on a vtech tuner anyways so I saved 700 bucks, And ill add accessories as I want them. I paid 5407.50 OTD Overall I'm happy with my purchase.

Not so happy about the 3rd picture though. Broken from the factory.


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I read about your problem on the other thread

Hopefully you get a replacement.

Are you going to grab the VTECH tune right away?
I already ordered it and will be here today!!!
I already ordered it and will be here today!!!
Nice keep us updated :)
Awesome, good call on getting the vtech tune, are you going to take it out into the water before the tune?
Yes I'm going to take it out and brake it in for a few hours before putting the tune on it. The river by me finally has running water through it. So it wont be long till it hits the water
welcoem to the show Moto X, congrats on the new sled and the new Vtech tune, defintiely check out what Rampage is up too, he seems to be building one serious rig :D
What was broke in that 3rd pic? Did they ever fix it for you?
Glad to have you here. Spark looks great and you also seem to have a very nice garage there. Too cold to go out now on the Spark so you must be starting the long wait till spring when you can actually go outside without a toque on.
are there any things you'd guys want to see sea doo do to the spark to make it look better/different? Like different colors?
Where do you ride at??

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I like that bike that matches the ski too. I don't think that break a big deal it just holds the nut from spinning on installation.
Any owners in Michigan with a two up looking to do a trade for 3up seat
Anyone know anyone in MI that does tuning on the sea doo sparks? I have my ski broken in and want to start upgrading it.

2015 2 Up 60HP sea doo spark.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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