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New to forum - on Lake Houston in Crosby, TX

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Bought our 2 Sparks (2 UPs with 90 HP and IBR) at the 2014 Boat show and put around 25 hours on each since taking delivery last May. Lots of fun. Reverse really, really helps with new riders being able to dock without crashing. Have not really needed the brakes, but good to know they are there.

We did not buy a trailer for them since we live on the lake and so these are always in their lift . . . we did not want to have to store a trailer 95% of the time. Even in the winter we take them out periodically to "keep things flowing" so a trailer really would just be hanging around empty all of the time.

I figured that to take them out of the water for maintenance I could borrow a trailer from the dealer or a neighbor, but I've since realized that if a hurricane should head our way all of those trailers will be full and I will be out of luck.

A double trailer has a big footprint so I am thinking that I would rather get a single trailer and a maintenance cart. If I need them both out, I fetch the first with the trailer, slide it onto the cart and then put the second on the trailer. When the trailer is not in use, I can stack the cart on top and store them with a much smaller footprint than a double trailer. Plus a double trailer with both skis on it would mean climbing all over them for maintenance access.

So is there a "best buy" for a single trailer? How about for a maintenance cart? How much is the Move with i-catch? Worth it?
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