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Thanks to whomever runs the forum, as I know how much of a PIA it can be, after running one for more than 15 years myself.

Anyways, learned to love jet skiing last summer at the tender age of 55. Looking to buy a Spark 3up. just got a quote for $8000 for pineapple 6599, painted trailer 800, convenience package, freight and prep595.

Sound ok to you experienced guys. Looking to tweak with MapFlash and changing the wear ring and put in new impeller as well. Any other suggestions are am "I all wet?" TIA
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I really like the iBR and I think I am going to add the VTS this year.
No wear ring problems on mine 12 to 13 hours. The tune is a must.
optional add ons recommended??

Must be something about the double nickels! I'm new to the site today, started riding when I turned 55 last year and looking to buy a 3up. My quote was similar to yours, but I think I'll be doing some add ons which brings me to my questions...I won't be using it in saltwater, should I still get the flush kit installed? and how about the optional bilge in the accessory catalog?? Is that necessary on top of whatever dewatering system is standard?? Looking forward to hearing everybody's viewpoints.
Welcome to the forum.

Let us know if/when you decide to do those upgrades that you spoke of.

Also cool that you took this up at 55. I have this picture of my grandma and her sister riding a PWC and they are like 77 and 70. :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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