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Newbie but 8months Spark owner.

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Hi guys I'm from New Zealand and own a 2 up HO 90hp
Since buying it I now have almost 50 hours in 8 months

Installed the Solas 12/17 prop
Removed flame arrester
Made a fre flow ally exhaust Pipe
Flipped the trim bushing around
Slotted my sponsons
Fitted bumper kit(well what's left that hasn't fallen off)(seadoo Oem ****)
Hydro Turf kit with extra turf pads
Hydro Dipped the 3 coloured covers in Carbon
SS washer upgrade
On board audio kit(now on its way back for a warranty claim)
Front storage bin added
Boarding Step added
Reverse gear added(and removed as I broke it coming down vert on the sandbar)
Seatcover upgraded
Bilge pump

And what would a spark be without damage lol. Got a crack under the top storage box and a repaired crack on the side rail. >:D

Going for the flash soon too...:nerd:

And am currently building a VERY custom trailer for it too.


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looks sweet any pics of the free flow, audio kit , etc etc
Did you have to take yours in for the handlebar recall? You are lucky because things should be starting to warm up in the Southern hemisphere now. Riding season is just beginning for you!
Thanx guys. He'll no iv been riding my ski all winter round. I'm a surfer so cold water don't bother me lol. I'll upload pics

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wicked shots on the water, really liked the one below of you catching air!

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I'm liking the carbon fiber look. I'm guessing a custom wrap and what's up with the crack? you like the blacktip cover? I'm torn between them and hydroturf.
Looks good - nice job. More details on the stereo system please.
Thank you guys. The cf is hydro dipped. Not wrapped. The crack is typical spark cracks lol. And the black tip cover is ****. Crappy fitment. Go for another brand trust me. Theyr overpriced too

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What did you wanna know re stereo?

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