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Newbie waiting to pull trigger on purchase

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Hi Everyone,

I'm in the process of planning out my purchase of a Spark.

Two quick questions...

1) Sea-Tow? I'll be on the Hudson River in NYS (not near NYC). There's a Sea-Tow near by, I'm thinking it's worth it for peace of mind. Curious what people think on this for a pwc.

2) I'm new to pwc ... any "wish I had known" before I make my purchase? Accessories that are well worth it vs a waste?

Thanks in advance,

PS: Debating on 2015 vs waiting for 2016. Plan to start riding in 2016 season regardless.
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Wait and see, its so close anyway :)

Maybe it will come new accessories, more power to the motor or other stuff.
the 2014-2015 only added flush-kit as std. but you never know

The accessories you might need is the front storage bin, i could now own a spark without.. Needed for the dry bag and fenders and so on. another thing i would add is the VTS if you decide to go for iBR.
Storage bin is a must. Ibr is good, but in my first season of riding I can already spin my non-ibr model around so it goes into my 10' wide slip backwards making for an easy exit. I usually board from my dock so I have not had to use the step yet, but my daughter has had trouble using it in the open water, so I'm not sure if its necessary at all for our application. I made a homemade flush kit for $4, so that option us a ripoff if you do go for the '14. Both of mine are the 90hp not regret that at all.
I didn't think I would need IBR but I got it so I could have VTS. I LOVE the IBR. It works so smoothly. Neutral is the best feature.

Also, if you're going to take it anywhere at all other than really close to the dock then you'll want the storage kit. The reboarding step helps a lot when getting back on.

No need for flush kit, they are standard on a 2015.
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i have the reboarding step, but i dont use it. its very easy to just grab the back of the seat and crawl up :)

On the bigger skis i would go for step, the step is bigger and more durable and goes alot deeper in the water.
The Spark is a "knee-step" found it just as easy to put my knee on the ski.
Thanks everyone. Wasn't too aware of the VTS, so I'll look into that some more
I bought my first PWC, a 2015 90HP Spark back in July. No regrets. Glad I got the 90HP (called the H.O. option) with iBR and the Convenience Package (which comes with the front storage bin and the boarding step).

I then added the VTS a few weeks later myself. It does make a big difference. Not disappointed with that decision at all.

Absolutely love my Spark. Just bought a tube and bungee tow rope last weekend. Kids are loving that!
To get the IBR your going to have to buy the 90hp HO. Ibr will not come on a 60hp ski. For the price I loaded mine up. Storage, step, HO motor and later added the VTS. VTS is easy to install yourself so see what extra monies they want for it and decide. You can pick the VTS up for 199.00. Regular stuff needed: Vests, dock rope (I got two), whistle, storage container for the right side of the ski and a water tight bag for your phone. Don't forget the funny thing that goes on your sunglasses to hold them on your head. Already lost a pair when I bailed once.
thanks ... haven't seen an option for a starboard storage container though... picture of what you're referring to?
At work now so can't do the pic. It is a container found on the seadoo site that holds a flashlight, tow rope and whistle. You remove the white panel on the right side and there is a spot for it there.
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