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I belong to a select few forums. Simply because I don't tolerate people cussing to get their point across or belittling someone else to make themselves look better or just plain being an ass to people.
So far I enjoy being on this site. I have gained tremendous amounts of knowledge and hopefully make good friends in the process. goes. On one of my sites we are like a big family and sometimes you just have to sell stuff you have for whatever the reason but we have a forum called "Pay it Forward". Since we are one big family and always helping people out we sometimes just take what we have leftover from a project and give it to whomever needs it.

In short (so much for that) I have something I would like to offer (not really that big).

I purchased the sea-doo numbers (these stupid things aren't cheap) and well, I used fL 1551 PT....that's it. :rolleyes:

I am more than willing, if you need a set of numbers, type here the numbers you need, pm me with the address and I will just send them to you. You will be posting the numbers on here so the next person knows what letters and numbers have been taken. Be respectful and enjoy the site.

Thanks again to whomever started this site!!!!!

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Recieved the Letters in the mail yesterday... have not been able to apply them as the lovely weather here in central florida has been so wonderful... rain rain rain...... Thanks Again for the Letters and Numbers

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